राजीव भाई


1. No water after food for min 1.5 hrs. This is best way to lose weight. 

2. Warm water first thing in morning. Morning saliva is very important and should go into the body not wasted. 

3. Use Lota instead of tumbler. In our society we never had tumblers because lota is much more scientific. Low surface tension is very important since it reduces pressure levels in the body. Example of milk to cleanse skin. Similar thing happens in large intestine – low tension water pulls out the debris lodged in the large intestine. This debris causes innumerable ailments.
4. Water should always be drunk sitting down. 

5. Water should never be drunk cold. It should always be warm. Cold water’s surface tension is higher. It also cools down the stomach hence weakening the rest of the organs since blood supply rushes to stomach. 

6. In extreme heat clay pots water is allowed. 

7. Eat food sitting down. Always sit in cross legged position. 

8. Opposing things should not be eaten together. Milk-curd, honey-ghee, ghee and gud go well together, Kathal-milk, milk-citrus fruits except aamla. 

9. Dwidal and curd not to be eaten together. At worst it should be with Chhonk. Same for Chhaas 

10. Morning meal within 2.5 hrs of sunrise. Evening meal before sunset. If hungry during day one can have gud-chana, gud-moongfali. Too much chikki should be followed by Saunth or ginger. 

11. Should eat locally grown foods. E.g. living in hot area one should not eat much wheat as it grown in cold weather. Bajra is hot so is rice, jowar. Bajra should be eaten with gud and ghee to balance its heat. 

Q&A Session on Last Day

1. Dark circles under eyes – maalish with morning saliva. Useful for any skin problems. 

2. Sleep problem – excess vaat is the cause. – put ghee in nostrils at bedtime. Very imp for children. 

3. High BP – it is only excess acidity in blood. Eat basic foods e.g. methi, gud, lauki, carrot, fruits without juice like apple, banana, guava, paalak, baigan. Soak methi in water over night and chew the seeds and drink the water. Greens are basic. This will also reduce weight and triglycerides. 

4. Asthma is caused by vaat – daalchini with honey, gud, eat coconut daily (unique – has juice but is basic). 

5. Boils in mouth – means large intestine is not clear. Take warm water in morning from lota. Borax 30 or 200 thrice in water. 

6. Gau mootra has no side effects. Body anyways flushes out the excess if taken. 

7. Arthritis is vaat– never undergo surgery. Choona in dahi, chhaas, water juice etc. take Methi danaa. Harshringaar leaves is most basic thing in nature. Crush few leaves and boil in water till half. Drink this like tea in morning. Heals both types of arthritis, rheumatoid and osteo. Moongfali and gud should be eaten. Til seeds, black is better. 

8. Ice cream – never. Else drink hot water mixed with ghee. This will take care of harmful effects of ice cream. 

9. Acidity – eat more basic things, water in morning, water sip by sip. Ajwain ko bhoon ke kaal namak ke saath le. Mishri, gud. 

10. Best salt is Sendha namak – pathar ke namak. Helps in BP and arthritis etc. 

11. Sleepy throughout day – must eat Choona. 

12. Thyroid – dhaniya leave ki chutni warm water ke saath pijiye. Sookhe dhaniye ki bhi pi jaa sakti hai. 

13. Pathri – never eat choona. Pakhaan bhed ka kaadhaa. It’s called Burberis Vulgaris take in Q. Kaadha is better than homeo medicine. 

14. Addiction to alchohol – gau mootra, ginger juice, Saunth ka kaadha. Gau mootra is most important. Smoking increases Sulphur in body – best option is gu mootra. 

15. Cold and cough for children – honey, gud, choona, ghee in nose, haldi and ghee in milk. 

16. Pitta – ghee, ajwain and black salt. 

17. Sneezing – put ghee in nostrils and take choona. 

18. Tonsillitis – haldi milk at night. 

19. Uric acid – basic foods, gau mootra is best. 

20. Obesity – basic foods. 

21. Children urinating in bed – Khajoor boil in milk give both milk and khajoor. 

22. Constipation – take milk with ghee at night, Trifala choorna. 

23. Bones pain – Choona 

24. Coughing in children – Kapha naashak foods like Paan, Saunth, honey, gud. 

25. Trifala – can be given to children above 5 yrs. Best after 14 yrs of age. 

26. Old age joint pains – choona is best. Water sip sip 

27. Anjeer – best for people who feel lack of strength in body. 

28. Canned water – not good at all L tap water boiled is much better. Bleaching is done with chlorine to purify it. Not good. 

29. Bad breath means pet saaf nahin hai. 

30. Numbness in hands and legs – take Choona 

31. TB – gau mootra is best remedy. 


1. Sleeplessness means vaat is high – warmed cow ghee in nostrils before bedtime. Snort very lightly. Various other benefits are no bad dreams, no interruptions during sleep, improved memory for children. 

2. High BP means high acidity in blood. Take basic food stuff. Methi, carrot, any fruits without juice – apple, banana, guava, coconut etc. palak, baigan. Lauki is most basic in veggies. Lowering of acidity will reduce Tryglicerides, cholesterol, overweight etc. Methi seeds should be soaked in water overnight and chewed in the morning. Water to be taken after seeds are chewed. Gajar ko kaddu kas ke khaayen. All greens are basic. 

3. Asthma is caused by too much vaayu. Use basic food items like Daalchini, honey, gud, coconut (upto 50 gm per day). Til is also very effective. 

4. Mouth Ulcers means pet saaf nahin ho raha hai. Drink water in morning to cleanse large intestine. In case this does not help take Borax 30 or 200 (take three doses) from homeopathic shop. Put few drops of Borax in water and take it in three parts. 

5. Gathiya or Arthritis. Never undergo surgery. Atal Behari example Dr. Ranawat. Atal is completely on wheel chair now. Basic foods Choona (can be taken in dahi, chhas, juice upto 2gm per day). Healthy ppl can take upto 1gm per day. Methi seeds, Harshringar tree’s leaves are highly basic. Boil 4-5 leaves in water till it becomes half. Drink this in morning on empty stomach like tea. It treats both types of arthritis – rheumatoid and osteo. 

6. Acidity – water is best medicine when drunk slowly and at frequent intervals. Ajwain ko tawe pe bhoon ke kaale namak ke saath le. Mishri is very good but gud is better. Drop sugar completely. Ajwain can be added to menu – take it with black salt after every meal if having continuous gastric problem. 

7. Noodles - kachra king. Noodles are made after maida is rotten for 6-7 days. Pig flesh juice is added to noodles to make it tasty. 

8. Too much sleep - means you need a type of base in diet. This is best available in choona. To be taken with mattha or chhas. 

9. Diabetes – 1 spoon each of Methi and Trifala choorna ko mila ke garam paani me rakh de aur subah use chaba ke khaaye and drink the water. 3-4 mths the blood sugar will come down. Even diabetics can take gud and juices. Natural sugar is not harmful (fructose) since it is easily digestible. Sugar is harmful. 

10. Pathri or Kidney and Bladder Stones – never take choona. Pakhan bhed medicine. Make kaadhaa of this and drink. This same medicine is available in Homeopathy by the name Berberis Vulgaris. Take mother tincture 10 drops few times a day. 

11. Thyroid – make chatni from dhaniya patti and drink it with water. Only dhaniya leaves – no salt etc. 1 spoon to be taken. Is non dhaniya season this can be done with sookha dhaniya. 

12. Addictions - Quit alchohol and tobacco, cigarette – use sankalp shakti. Else use go mutra not ark. Saunth ka kaadha. 1.5 mths max. 

13. White discharge – Shatavari can be used. Mix it with warm milk and drink at night. 

14. Mestruation - Too much pain, flow, irritation, itching etc during menses – vayu and pitta are high during this time. Take cow ghee in very hot water and drink like tea. Take 2-3 times per day. All menstrual probs will get taken care of. Take this only during menses. 

15. Bad breath – pet saaf rakho. 

16. Haath pair sunn i.e. limbs are numb – eat choona. 

17. Cold and cough happens frequently – take honey, gud or choona as it removes not only vata but also kapha. Cow ghee in nose. Haldi is a kapha nashak. Haldi in milk with ghee is even better. 

18. Tuberculosis – go mutra and not ark. 3-4 months will be enough. Choona 

19. Pitta problems – take cow ghee. Ajwain and kala namak. 

20. Hair loss – dahi ko taambe ke bartan mein rakhe 5-6 din tak jab tak bahut khatta aur green na ho jaye. Isse scalp ko maalish Karen aur ek ghante baad 
shikakai se dho dhen. Repeat once a week. Trifala subah gud ke saath khaayen. Honey ke saath bhi le sakte hain. 

21. Tonsillitis – haldi milk at night. 

22. Uric acid – take more basic stuff. Best is go mutra not ark. 

23. Motapa or Overweight/Obesity – take more basic stuff. Methi, carrot, any fruits without juice – pple, banana, guava, coconut etc. palak, baigan. Lauki is most basic in veggies. Lowering of acidity will reduce Tryglicerides, cholesterol, overweight etc. Methi seeds should be soaked in water overnight and chewed in the morning. Water to be taken after seeds are chewed. Gajar ko kaddu kas ke khaayen. All greens are basic. Take these for 3 mths. Then to balance this take amla for 3 mths. Then back to gajar etc. in a year you can easily lose upto a third of your weight. Take Amla any form = 3-4 fruits equivalent. Overweight people are Vitamin C and Calcium deficient hence Trifala in normal ratio is used. 

24. Bed wetting – khajoor kilao. Boil small pieces in milk. 

25. Constipation – Trifala at night. Else drink milk with ghee at night. Not for more than 3 mths at a time. 

26. Back ache – choona. 

27. Weakness - Anjeer is useful for those who feel they lack strength in body. 


1. While drinking water from a tamba vessel one should not be barefoot !

2. Never reheat anything put in fridge once. Leave it out to heat up naturally and then eat it. 

3. Kevda daalaa hua paani keval summer mein. 

4. Arjun ki chhaal subah hi lena 

5. Boiled water is better than canned water. 

6. Coconut oil can be applied to hair. 

7. If you still have icecream drink warm water with ghee. Do not eat ice cream ever. 

8. Eat til after food daily if you want to stay trim and avoid heart attacks. Black til is better. 

9. Sendha namak is the best salt for daily consumption. Kaala namak is 2nd best. It will help lower BP. 

10. Go mutra ark – only 1 spoon. Go mutra shud only be half cup. 

11. Gave arsenic to a cow for 6 years and the cow is still healthy. Arsenic didn’t show up in its urine at all. It had a blue ring in its throat. Shiv in throat. So you can take urine of any cow irrespective of conditions. It has no side effects at all. In case you drink too much the body will expel the excess in 20 mins.

Nov 25, 2013

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