राजीव भाई



1. VAAT (max diseases are due to vaat) – Best thing to control vaat is oil. 

2. Vaata problems are joint pains, back aches, Dama, Asthama etc. 

  • 1. This oil should be pure. Refined oil is a poison. (6-7 chemicals are used to refine oil and upto 13 for double refined oil). Oil can only be refined using inorganic chemicals and these are almost always poisonous in nature. 
  • 2. The stickiness of oil is its most important property. The moment this is removed oil is no longer oil. 
  • 3. The strong smell of oil is due to its protein content. When this is removed via refining the oil becomes useless for the body. 
  • 4. HDL (High Density Lipo Protein) or the good cholesterol is produced by the liver if you are eating unrefined oil. This helps the heart stay healthy without any fear of heart attacks. 
  • 5. AIIMS doctors who researched oil have concluded that any oil without stickiness and odour is useless to put it mildly. Hence refined oil is actually causing heart problems rather than curing them. 
  • 6. Refined oils are being recommended by doctors just because of the commission that these oil companies dole out to them. 
  • 7. Experimented with many heart patients. Stopped all medication and started taking pure and unrefined oil. Patients on the edge of heart attacks i.e. had blockages, showed tremendous improvement in all parameters. Doctors could not believe the reports and called them a miracle. 
  • 8. In our culture festivals were created very scientifically. The special foods and vyanjans that were prepared for different festivals were designed to keep us healthy. 
  • i. In winters – food during these festivals were heavy or garishtha or gurutva. i.e. difficult or slow to digest. During the winter season it is better for the body if the food digests slowly rather than quickly. It matches with the body cycle as Pitta is less in winters while vata and Kapha are high which reduce Jatharaagni. Slow digesting foods are in better sync with the speed of digestion of Jatharaagni. Nature also provides this kind of food in winters. 
  • ii. In Summers – Pitta is high and hence lighter food should be eaten so that it digests quickly. 
  • iii. In rains – during the rainy season Pitta is at its lowest and hence the 
  • lightest food should be eaten during rainy season. It goes to the extent that eating just once is preferred. Greens should be avoided cause they have too much water content and this will aggravate the system which already has too much water. 
1. Items which have high water content are Vatha naashak. 
  • i. Milk, curd, butter milk, 
  • ii. Juices 

1. PITTA  - Best food item is cow ghee. This is the best to keep pitta balanced. (ghee made from buffalo milk is only recommended for body builders and athletes). 

1. Second best is Ajwain. Noon food should have ajwain since it balances Pitta which is higher in noon/day. 

2. Jeera is next best to control Pitta, black jeera is better. 

3. Heeng also keeps Pitta under control. 

4. Dhaniya – both green and dry work equally well. 

5. Total 108 items for controlling Pitta. List in Gambir ROGON KI CHIKITSA 

6. Examples of Pitta problems are acidity, ulcers, indigestion, taste of food in mouth for many hours after food, Dakar, hichki are mostly Pitta related. 

2. KAPHA – The best food item to control Kapha is gud and next best is honey. 

1. Gud - When Kapha is out of balance Phosphorus will be deficient. Gud has very high content of Phosphorus. Sugar case juice also has Ph but Gud has higher content. But maximum amount is found in Kakvi or Raab or liquid gud – the stage before solid gud. 

2. Honey - Next best is Honey. 

3. Saunth – Dried ginger powder. Saunth is 100 times more effective than ginger. 

4. Paan – very good to control Kapha. The darker the leaf the better it is. Don’t add Katthaa. Other ingredients can be 

i. Saunth 
ii. Gud 
iii. Gulkand 
iv. Saunf 
v. Lavang or clove 

1. Over 100 items in kitchen are known to control Kapha. 

2. TRIFALA – Amla, Harad, Baheda. Mharishi Waghbhat has written over 120 sutras for Trifala !!! 

1. Harad, Baheda, Amla :: 1:2:3 this ratio is very important. Equal proportion is to be used in very extreme cases. Radiation poisoning example. Had to be given in equal proportion – normally in Trifala amla is high and hence Vitamin C is high. In radiation illness Vitamin C is already very high in the body. Hence to balance this same proportion Trifala was given. This can also be used in Cancer treatment. 

2. Trifala reduces all the three doshas simultaneously. 

3. Morning – either with Gud or Honey 
  •  i. It will work as a POSHAK. It provides almost all required nutrients to the body. 

1. Night – Milk or warm water. i. It will work as RECHAK. It cleanses the digestive system as well as the rest of the body. Any kind of constipation can be cured with this. 1. Chawanprash is much lower in effectiveness compared to Trifala. 

2. One big teaspoon is to be taken in morning for losing weight. One small teaspoon in the night for Rechak use. 

3. Each of the above three fruits balance all the three doshas. 

4. Amla is very good for losing excess weight. It is the best anti-oxidant in the natural world. 

5. Give a gap of a couple of weeks after taking continuously for upto 3 months. This helps the body to stay un-accustomed and avoid side effects. 

6. Ailments : 
  • 1. Night – Bawaseer, Mood Vyadhi or Piles, Bagandhar. Digestion related ailments – night 
  • 2. Morning – to lose weight. Or to treat ailments due to Kapha. 
  • 3. In the night to be taken after food while before food in morning. 40 mins before food in morning.

Nov 25, 2013

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