राजीव भाई

– Daily routine should be based on each individual’s unique requirements. 


1. Children till 14 years of age are under effect of Kapha. This means child will need more sleep. 

2. Imagination is very high during Kapha period. Anything that helps them imagine is something they love. Cartoon films are very bad since they don’t allow any space for imagination to work. 

3. The type of stories you tell them will affect the kind of character they develop. Stories should be long. 

4. Always answer their questions honestly. If you don’t know say so. Admit it and then work with them to find out. Once they find out the true answers from teacher they will lose all respect for you. When this happens you wont be able to control them at all. 


1. Let them sleep as much as they want. Never stop them from sleeping as it is essential for them. Upto 10 hrs a day is fine. Its better that the child takes this sleep in two parts. 

2. 1 – 4 yrs minimum sleep of 16 hrs 

3. 4 – 8 yrs min 12 to 14 hrs 

4. 8 – 14 yrs min 8 to 9 hrs 

5. Kapha is heavy or guru and hence if the child needs to sleep more in order to keep the blood pressure under control. While sleeping BP is lower. Child is under Kapha effect and hence needs to sleep more to maintain BP. 

6. Children will become irritable and undisciplined if they are not allowed to complete their sleep quota as their Kapha is out of control. 

7. Studying is only possible in effect of Pitta. When Kapha is bad no one can study. 

8. Area above the heart is Kapha area. Children will frequently catch ailments of this region only. The best way to take care of this is oil massage. This should be a must. Children should not do any exercises. They should only play.

9. Those under Kapha should not exercise, asana or pranayam. 


1. Oil massage should be of entire body. But head area is most important. Ears should also be massaged regularly as they are seat of Kapha. Bathing should be done after massage. 

2. Massage till the child starts sweating in the arm pits or forehead. 

3. Things that reduce Kapha should be used for bathing. Eg. Ubtan, Multani mitti, Chana atta, chandan powder, mota aataa, masoor daal ataa, moong daal attaaa. Finally means that no soap should be used. It increases Kapha very badly. 

4. Oil can be put into ears. Its also helpful in controlling Kapha. 

5. Eyes are also seat of Kapha. Ghee can be put on eyes. Kaajal is very useful in controlling Kapha (Sau veer anjan). 


1. Children must be given milk, makhan, ghee, oil, gud, dahee, mattha etc. 

2. Maida is absolutely not allowed since it disturbs Kapha. 

3. Makkhan is better than ghee for children. 

4. Ghee things should be given in afternoon as pitta is increasing. 

5. Out of control kapha can make one a criminal and murderer. If under control it promotes love and harmony. 

6. American children are considered the worst – shootouts in schools etc are proof. 10% of America’s population are children and out of this 10% or 30 lac 
children are in prisons. This is common for most western countries. The main reason is out of control Kapha. 

7. Of the total crime happening in these countries upto 65% are being committed by children. Direct result of out of control Kapha. It leads to violence directly. 

8. Simplest way to keep children safe from all types of negative influences is to let them sleep as much as they want to. 

9. Morning time for schools is very bad. Its not good for children to wake up early in the morning. As morning is Kapha time and hence they sleep the deepest sleep. Best time for school to start is around noon. 


1. Not too much sleep is needed. Ideally between 6 to 8 hrs. This decides the routine to a large extent. 

2. Mharishi Waaghbattha says one should sleep 2 hrs after sunset. So if you sleep at 8 then you will be up at 4am. 

3. 12 types of daatoon can be used only. 


5. There are 3 basic season and 3 sub seasons. In summers neem daatoon, babool, 

6. Winters, amrood is best, jaamoon is next 

7. Rains – mango, Arjun 

8. Dant manjan1 – daaru haldi, salt, oil 

9. Dant manjan 2 – burn dried gobar, add haldi and sendha namak to it. 

10. Dant manjan 3 – triphala choorna, sendha namak. This is the only one that can be used in all seasons. 

11. Tooth paste is not good for you. They disturb Pitta. This will cause many problems. Teeth will decay very quickly due to paste use. When sweet things are eaten early in the morning they disturb the system. Our culture has a system to eating neem and turmeric balls. 

12. Commercial toothpastes have been using powdered animal bones for decades e.g. Colgate - pig bones, pepsodant – cow bones, close up – goat. This has been proven in lab tests and it seems only recently that some of these companies have stopped using bones. 
  • 1. VYAYAAM first and then massage. Exercise only till you start sweating. 
  • 2. India is a vaat pradhaan land hence running is not good. i.e. Vaata is dominant in India and running or any fast movement aggravates it hence should be avoided. 
  • 3. Best exercise is soorya namaskar and asanas. Dand baithak etc is good. For women the best exercise is forward bending. 
  • 4. After exercise oil massage. 


Vaata naturally increases after 60 yrs of age. 

1. Main remedy is oil massage for old people. A little bit of exercise is ok. 

2. Too much movement is not good for them. 

Human urine – can be used as medicine. Condition is you must be 100% vegetarian. Gau mootra is much better compared to human urine. Only the 1st urine in the morning is to be used. While urinating leave the initial and last parts and drink only from the middle part of urine. Helps in around 100 illnesses. Mainly vaata and kapha problems. 

Laughing is good if it happens naturally. One should never try to force it or stop it. It is one of the 14 ‘veg’ of natural forces in the body. This is true for all the other ‘veg’. 
Sneezing should not be stopped – upto 40 types of ailments will come if stopped and upto 14 types if induced forcefully. 

Thirst should also never be stopped. Drinking water quickly causes Hernia and Appendicitis. If you are above 60 and it can cause Prostrate and Hydrocele. Holding back thirst causes 58 types of ailments. Drinking water without thirst will also cause problems. 

Hunger, when forcefully stopped, causes 103 types of ailments. Starts with acidity and ends with intestinal cancer! 

Fasting is a Kriya to cleanse the body and mind. One needs to follow certain rules for fasting. When you start feeling that something extra is happening in the body then one can fast. Like after eating too much one can fast the next day.
a) Upto one day fast after 6 days of eating normally. 

b) While fasting one should keep drinking warm water at regular intervals. The extra acid in the stomach will be diluted by water and excreted via urine else it will burn up/ damage the intestines. 

c) Water can be of clove, moong, ghee, choona while fasting. 

d) Vegetarians should not fast for long periods. While non-vegetarians should always fast for long periods. Non veg food creates certain changes in the digestive system (reduces acid secretion in stomach) and hence it is advisable to fast for long periods. All carnivorous animals actually fast for many days after a full meal. 

e) Best way to fast if one has to fast is alternate day fasting and eating. The body gets used to it over a period of time. Varshitam in Jains is highly respected. 

f) Fasting is not good for those who do heavy physical labour. 

Yawning should also not be stopped. Stopping it is a very bad habit that we have gotten into. The body’s need is more important. 

a) Never yawn when sitting near those who are more tapasvi or gyani. 

Urine should never be stopped. 

a) Pressure of all types in the body increases. Stopped urine is one of the most painful experiences in life. 

b) If urination is too frequent then you need to check with specialist. 

Stool is also similar. Upto twice a day is normal. Three is a bit unusual. More than that calls for expert intervention. 

Veerya or Kaama veg (sexual desire) should only be stopped by renunciants. It should never be stopped by those living in family situations.

Nov 25, 2013

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