राजीव भाई


1. TRIFALA - should always be taken with milk, gud or honey. Taking with water is taking alone and should not be taken alone for too long i.e. 90 days. 

2. METHI – Vata and Kapha destroyer. Increases Pitta. 
  • 1. Soak it in a cup of warm water. In the morning chew the seeds and drink the water. Its very important to chew it while eating as it produces large amount of saliva. 
  • 2. Pickles having methi are very useful for vaata problems. Aushadhi ka effect is higher on the pickle than that of the fruit. Methi is pickle is much more effective than that taken in water since it is kept for many months. It works much better with oil – upto 20 times more effective. This is also applicable for Ajwain. 

3. CHOONA – is even better than Methi for controlling Vaata. Controls all problems caused by Vaata. It also replenishes Calcium in the body. Calcium deficiency causes all kinds of pains, in muscles and bones, all bone problems, many blood related problems, Kapha problems are also caused by its deficiency. 
  • 1. Calcium activates most other micro nutrients. Without it most other micro nutrients won’t be able to work. 
  • 2. Milk, curd, butter milk, ghee, orange, mausambi, angoor, mango, banana. Calcium can easily be absorbed from these food items. After 40-45 years of age body’s ability to digest calcium reduces. This is especially true to women. Now it needs to be taken separately – hence take Choona regularly. Hence the tradition of eating Paan in this culture. It is prevalent across the country without exception. 

4. DAAL CHINI – Cures all problems related to Vaata and Kapha. More effective as a powder rather than leaf or bark. 
  • 1. Grind it with Gud and eat it. Drink warm water afterwards. Honey ke saath ‘mardan’ karke lick kariye aur warm water peejiye. Takes care of upto 50 ailments. 

5. COW – Is one of the most magical things made available to us by nature. He praises gau mootra very highly. It helps all three doshas. Vaata and Kapha it cures completely and also cures Pitta if taken with some ayurvedic medicines. It has all the 18 odd micronutrients that are available in mud (Jersey cow has only 3). 

6. All the 148 ailments can be cured by gau mootra. This is the only thing with such a possibility. Have done thousands of experiments on this and found mind boggling results. It has 18 micro nutrients that are essential for the body. The only other place where all 18 found together is soil. Best time to take gau mootra is morning. If very ill take upto 100ml in a day best to take it twice a day on an empty stomach. Rest of us can take upto 50mm once a day on empty stomach. 
  • 1. Skin ailments are usually caused by Sulphur deficiency. Psoriasis has been cured, eczema, khuzli, khaaj etc were cured. 
  • 2. It cures TB much earlier compared to allopathy. It never recurs if treated with gau mootra. Studies were conducted on patients at AIMS. If taking allopathy, its speed of cure is increased manifold when combined with gau mootra. 
  • 3. Joint pains were cured in three weeks. 
  • 4. Cold and cough – dama and asthama and TB were cured by this very swiftly. 
  • 5. When Gau-mootra was given to patients already taking allopathy, the effectiveness of the medicines was increased many fold. This is true for almost all serious ailments. 
  • 6. As per contemporary research 48 ailments are cured by completely by gau-mootra. Research on cancer is going on with tremendous results. Blood cancer is not showing so much improvement. A large hospital has been set up in Valsaad to cure cancer with Gau-Mootra. (Throat, Esophagus and stomach cancers are already showing huge improvements). 
  • 7. According to research deficiency of Curcumin leads to cancer – i.e. growth of tumor and later cancer. This is found in ample quantity in cow urine in a highly digestible form. 
  • 8. Only a cow which roams around given useful urine. The urine of a cow that stays tied up is not useful. 

7. Organic Agriculture – cotton has gone up to 7 quintal per acre from 2-3 earlier, wheat from 12 quintal to 24-25 quintal, rice from 15-17 quintal to 30 quintal, sugarcane from 8 feet high to 14 feet, recovery from 8% to 14%-15%. Gud made from gobar as fertilizer sells for 70/kg in the international market. Only India can produce this. 

8. In our culture cow is always referred to as ‘mother’. It has been said that a cow has 33 types of devatas in its body. “Gobar main Lakshmi mootre Dhanvantari”. India as 17 crore cows as of 2007 end. 

9. Glucoma, retinal detachment and cataract etc all can be cured using gau mootra. Use gau mootra drops in the eye. It works wonders for all eye related ailments as they are mostly due to Kapha. 

10. If ears of children are giving off pus – put drops of gau mootra. 

11. For running nose and cold etc for children – use gau mootra ghrit. 

12. Gau ghee in nose helps in deep sleep, snores can be reduced. 

13. Hair loss – make curd and keep it in copper vessel for 5-6 days, rub it into head and then wash it off using shikakai. Wash hair with gau mootra once a month for long term health of hair. 

14. Ribs, or chest congestion can be cured by a spoon of gau mootra. 

15. Renal problems are taken care of by gau mootra. 

16. Pitta patients need to increase ghee consumption while taking gau mootra to balance its effect. 

17. Dark circle under eyes, and any other skin problems can be cured. 

18. Its distillate or ‘ark’ can be used. Ark should only be taken in very small quantities i.e. 1 spoon. 

19. The leftover after making ark is used for making soap, shampoo, floor cleaner etc. 

20. Cow ghee sells for Rs.4000 per kg in Germany etc. They are desperate for this real ghee but don’t get it anywhere. 

21. Gau Panchamrit, gobar, mootra, doodh, ghee, dahi (includes honey or gud) is an elixir for VPK.

Nov 25, 2013

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