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The TVS group family cooks all its food in clay pots. So does the Ambani family (clay tava). 

1. SOOTRA – Any food should be consumed within 48 minutes of cooking. The body is best able to utilize the nutrition from food when it is consumed in this time frame. 

1. This 48 minute calculation is very much there in Jain Darshan. 

2. Stale food should not even be given to animals. In a year there is only 1 day when the body needs stale food. In our culture we have a festival called “Basoda” on this same day when we were supposed to eat stale food. 

3. The concept of warm/hot food does not exist in western countries. They don’t know how to make rotis. The average age of bread is around 90days in Europe and USA. 


Wheat flour should be eaten in a max of 15 days of being ground. Makki, chana, jowar etc should be consumed in 7 days. Survey done on a few villages. 90 ladies were using Chakki and not a single one had a caesarian delivery, no pains in body, diabetes, BP etc are not there. 

Whereas those women who are buying atta from mkt are facing all these ailments. Their family members also face the ailments. 

The main quality of the Uterus is its elasticity. Chakki ensures this elasticity and hence no tumors and caesarians will happen. Chakki can be used till 7th month of pregnancy. 

The very quality of health of caesarian children is much poorer compared to children born naturally. Physical health, mental health and intelligence, imaginative ability are of a different level for children born naturally. 

Around 45 yrs of age women will start facing many complications (depression, tension, sadness, pains, hot flashes) due to menopause. The best way to keep these under control is Chakki usage. 

3. SOOTRA – 

1. Physical labour should not reduce till age of 60 yrs. 

2. Below 18 children should labour via play. 18 to 60 productive labour. 60 plus labour should go on decreasing. 

3. Regular usage of Chakki and Sil-Batta are the best preventives for menopausal complications. 

4. HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is a curse. It causes uncontrolled weight gain. 

5. Chakki is best option to reduce paunch. Gym never does this in the long run. This is also due to the fact that any fast exercises/movements will worsen Vaata hence paunch will only increase in the long run. India being a Vaata pradhaan land, we need slow movements in order to keep Vaata under control. 

6. Mixie also destroys most nutrients due to high speed and friction. 

7. Bhilwara experiment with Chakki atta. Reduction in acidity, pains, sleep, BP etc are reducing over a period. Joy is increasingJ. Even if over-eating rotis there is no gas etc. 

8. The main reason for our health problems are the changes in our kitchens. 

4. SOOTRA – Geographical conditions should be considered to decide way of life. India is a hot country and hence Vaata is predominant. 75% ailments are vaata, 15% are Pitta and 10% are Kapha.

E.g. Running is not a good exercise in India. Most of the Indian running athletes have worn out their knees by the time they reach 40 yrs of age. 

Europe and USA are opposite, they are cold and hence Kapha is bad there. They need high speed activity to keep Kapha under control. 

Pitta usually stays balanced. 

Changes that are happening in your geography are good for you but adopting changes from other places isn’t good for us. 

If living in south India one should eat rice more than wheat. The mud in south holds water for longer while in Rajasthan soil is sandy and doesn’t hold water. Therefore Rajasthan soil is suitable for growing wheat and not rice whereas South Indian soil is apt for rice and not wheat. Hence one should eat stuff that grows in the area one is living in, in order to stay healthy.

Nov 26, 2013

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